Harrison. Melbournian. Queer. Socially awkward weirdo. 26, so that's like midlife crisis age in gay years.


Lumpy Drag Race 3 (plus Unlumped!)

they used a picture of lasagna with a wig on it to be Laganja. I’m done.

Is it weird that during the six month period I spent obsessing over my mortality in 2007 I was not inspired to live life to the fullest in the face of this knowledge but instead I was left in a state of perpetual depression and existential terror?

That moment where you question if you will ever be able to create anything of real significance, depth and power and then despise yourself a little bit for the arrogance and egotism of wanting to achieve that in the first place…

That time Nine Inch Nails made a bootleg tape of their music videos bookended by a fake snuff film (warning: mentions of necrophilia, mutilation, violence). 

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Gonna try and calm myself down.

This week - gonna work on my garbage-ass attitude and be a better human being.

Wanting to get back into reading philosophy…don’t know where to start.

Current sexual orientation: Winter Soldier.

Current sexual orientation: Winter Soldier.

BTW, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is fucking great and I think I liked it almost as much as I did The Avengers.